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Things that wake me up from a deep sleep

Sunday, May 24th, 2009
  1. My cat stomping on my face, and if it’s a good night, there will be some drool involved
  2. Chet, knocking me out of bed
  3. Dougs’ toilet flushing
  4. Diesel trucks starting way too early in the morning
  5. Realizing that my shoes, my perfect, perfect shoes don’t match my dress.

Uh huh. You read that right. Saturday morning, I woke up from a deep, deep sleep realizing that my dress won’t match my shoes. I was so ticked.

I then went on to realize that if I have this beautiful chocolate brown lace, it won’t match the black that I’ve asked my bridal brigade and grooms men (and groom) to wear. And, on top of that, if the shoes don’t match, what kind of shoes will I find to wear?!


Okay, not even kidding, I have had some serious stuff go wrong in this wedding planning, none of which I have written in this blog, so keep that in mind.

But, I am freaking out over lace? Over lace?! Are you kidding me?

Well, yes, I am. I don’t know why, but this is what my brain has decided to be stuck on. The fact that I am wearing brown lace, which doesn’t go with black or my shoes… (Again, I have no idea…)

So, we’re going back to the store today, I believe, to purchase black lace and take back the brown.

I feel so special. No, really, I do.

What I Want

Monday, May 18th, 2009

On Saturday… I graduated.

I am now an official alumna of Sam Houston State University. I’m going to miss it.

So, of course with graduating, we had parties all week long that we went too. And from each of these events, I took something away that I want for our shin-dig.

At all of these places, we realized how much we wanted to just relax. At these parties, it was achieved (and brilliantly, might I add!).  At the Stardust Room it was cheap drinks and good friends to laugh with. At Doug’s graduation party, it was a picnic with his family and Chet’s family. Lots of wonderful DIY stuff that made it special. At mine, it was casual and lovely.

My parents (and Aunt and Charlotte) rented a lakehouse and decorated it in a beautiful way. When we walked in, there were candles and family waiting to surprise me.

And all of these atmospheres are what we want to accomplish… somehow.

Don’t know how, but we will.

For now, I am in Indiana with Jan, and we are working on my dress over the next two weeks. Yup, she is creating my wedding dress. I am just avoiding being stuck by pins and making her laugh so much she’s losing her voice. It’ll be a great vacation.

You’re invited!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Okay, so, actually you may or may not be invited. However, we finally designed our invitations

Seems early, right?

Well, we’re stamping them, and putting them together, and we’re busy people. So no, it’s not too early.

So, here it is!


It says:

On this day, I marry my best friend. From here on out we will always have someone to lean on, cry with, laugh with and share the rest of our lives with.

Together with their parents
Nicole Marie Lozano
Kyle Chet Gassett
Invite you to share in the joy when they exchange vows & begin their new life together

Saturday, the twenty-first of November
two thousand and nine
at four thirty in the afternoon

Austin Hall
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, Texas

Food, Wine and Merry-making to follow!

Cute eh? And if you don’t think so, well, I don’t really care. There may be some changes happening to them, but I really like them.

The little birds are the stamps. Everything else will be printed.

We actually stole part of the idea from Budget Savvy Bride. We didn’t like the folded look. But, we weren’t sure what exactly we wanted. And then I saw her’s. And I died.

See, she does this super cute thing with the three layers. I like it a lot. And it’s not folded.

Next, we have our RSVP cards.


Quick story: We were originally going to just do when to RSVP by as well as directions on how to do it online. Again, much like Budget Savvy’s over there. However, after our experiment with the Save the Dates, we found that nobody really went to our website. It’s actually pretty sad, because Chet has done an incredible job with it. Beucase of this situation, we opted to do postcard mailbacks. I’m a little nervous about this, but, what can you do?

Now, we have two choices: Cake or Death.


___Other _______________

*will gladly attend
**regretfully decline



Cheeky choices. What to do, what to do?

__ Gladly attend
__ Regretfully decline
__ Regretfully attend
__ Enthusiastically decline
__ Will decline to respond but ultimately attend
__ Think you are just trying to wrest a gift out of me
__ Other__________________________

The votes from our friends are Cake or Death. {Please refer to this video for clarification} I like cake or death, but I’m afraid no one is going to get it. Now, there are little asterisk to inform people what each option means, I just don’t think people will get it. Maybe we’ll just send the video with it. I hope somebody writes in “I’ll have the chicken, please”. I’m betting it will be Eddie.

However, with the cheeky choices, I think that it’s too much for people to handle. And it kind of makes it look crazy busy. Jury’s still out. However we must act fast as these need to be stamped too. See those leaves? And the cute birds again? Yup, all stamps.