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Things that wake me up from a deep sleep

Sunday, May 24th, 2009
  1. My cat stomping on my face, and if it’s a good night, there will be some drool involved
  2. Chet, knocking me out of bed
  3. Dougs’ toilet flushing
  4. Diesel trucks starting way too early in the morning
  5. Realizing that my shoes, my perfect, perfect shoes don’t match my dress.

Uh huh. You read that right. Saturday morning, I woke up from a deep, deep sleep realizing that my dress won’t match my shoes. I was so ticked.

I then went on to realize that if I have this beautiful chocolate brown lace, it won’t match the black that I’ve asked my bridal brigade and grooms men (and groom) to wear. And, on top of that, if the shoes don’t match, what kind of shoes will I find to wear?!


Okay, not even kidding, I have had some serious stuff go wrong in this wedding planning, none of which I have written in this blog, so keep that in mind.

But, I am freaking out over lace? Over lace?! Are you kidding me?

Well, yes, I am. I don’t know why, but this is what my brain has decided to be stuck on. The fact that I am wearing brown lace, which doesn’t go with black or my shoes… (Again, I have no idea…)

So, we’re going back to the store today, I believe, to purchase black lace and take back the brown.

I feel so special. No, really, I do.

And… we have fabric

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Phew. What a crazy couple of days.

When I first e-mailed my aunt about my wedding dress she was very reluctant.

In fact, the conversation went something like this:

“Hey Aunt Jan! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make my wedding dress.”

“I can’t believe you would have that much confidence in me… I will have to look at the pattern… I’m honored you would ask, but, I made Kari’s attendants dresses and don’t know about this…” (Keep in mind that Jan lives in Indiana and I am in Texas, soon to be Nebraska)

I then convinced her she could do this, especially after I showed her this.  She felt a lot more comfortable when she realized we could do a muslin mock up (and should) before putting together the dress.

It also took a lot of  me saying “this is just a dress. don’t think about it as a ‘wedding dress’. It’s just a dress.” See, I have this very laissez-faire approach to our wedding. In the end, all that I care about it Chet and I being married. And we will be. It doesn’t matter what we’re wearing, who’s beside us, what is served at the dinner, if my hair is done by a professional, if we have centerpieces, if we 1000 cranes; it doesn’t matter. We will be married, and that is all that I care about. The end.

But, it’s been awesome working on this dress.

In total, we’ve* done 4 mock up tops. And now, she has perfected the top, and got the size(s)** right and fitting. Today, she added the skirt to it.. and it’s amazing!! Oh, I am so excited about this, and know that it was the absolute right thing to do.

So, this evening, we picked up her daughter for a girls night and made our way to the fabric store. I picked out the material we’re going to use, the lace we’ll use to decorate, and everything else.

Total? $130.00

Yeah, that’s right. That is my wedding dress, which cost me $130.00. How amazing is that? And the best part is that we’ve designed it so that I can wear it again; it doesn’t scream “I AM A WEDDING DRESS!!!!”.

Now,  you want pictures, right?

Well, too bad. I’m going to keep the dress a secret from Chet. I’ve wrestled with this idea, of whether to do it or not, but I think I’m going too. I think it’ll be fun to surprise him with it’s beautiful-ness on our wedding day. So there.

However,if you would like to see pictures (and promise not to tell Chet) I will send them to you. E-mail me at nmlozano {at} gmail {dot} com. But, since I know you’re dying for a pciture, here’s one:

My future in-laws. Chet’s in the tie, Sissi is next to me, Reid is behind me and Chet’s brothers are on the end

My family.  My aunt (who’s making the dress) is behind my mom in the tan dress. Charlotte, my dear, dear friend is next to Jan in the back.

All from my graduation!!

*Please know that when I say “we” I mean, she. I haven’t done a dang thing except keep her company.
**Those effing sizes are bs. According to them, I range in size from 16 to 28. Fo’ real.


Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Look as this super easy way to make a cake stand!

She went to IKEA and picked up clear plates, dessert wine glasses and museum gel and put ‘em together.

How cool is that? You could find colored plates or glasses, whatever. Different sizes… I think this would be perfect for our cake table.

Edit: This is even better. Same basic idea, but she recomends using candle sticks or those little rose vases to change up the sizes. :) Adore this.

Eep.. We’re in May.

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Hi there. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? And by a while, I mean approximately a week.

But, that’s okay. Why? Because I am in graduating in 13 days. Uh huh.

That means that I am packing up our house (not really, though I should be), writing papers, studying for exams, reading books, and altogether trying to forget the fact that we are preparing to leave our very comfortable life in Huntsville, to move somewhere we don’t know anyone and start afresh.

In some ways, this is awesome!

In other ways, not so much. It’s a little nerve-racking. A little unsettling. A little terrifying.

But, here we are. Weddings aren’t really on my mind, because I am focused on graduating (again, 13 days!! Oh.. em.. geee!).

My only concern at this point is the above. Oh, and getting the wedding dress made! That process will begin on May 19th. :)

So, if I’m a bit gone for the next couple of weeks… sorry. I’m graduating!!! :)

DIY Projects for the Wedding

Friday, April 24th, 2009

So, we’re doing a lot of DIY stuff for the wedding. Mainly because a lot of it is cost effective, and it totally adds our own special touches to stuff. Want a list? Here ya go:

  • Invitations
  • Programs
  • Bouquets: This is one idea. Having your guests bring flowers and they create your bouquet.

There are also ideas with peacock feathers, or buttons, or that super cute one from earlier this month.

  • Garlands: cute no? Now, in your head, replace the birds with cranes. Voila! We shall use about 100 more cranes on 10 of these! Yay!

via: Once Wed


  • Thank you cards
  • Yay Flags

via: VintageGlam Wedding

  • Hairpieces
  • Chalkboard w/ information about ceremony: Kinda like this…

  • Menus
  • Nametags? Maybe? We like these because they make a way to create conversation. The idea is that under each name there are three facts about that person. We really like them, but don’t know how to incorporate them…

  • Coat Check Tags? Perhaps?

via: VintageGlam Weddings

  • Wedding Certificate: Like the Quakers.