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Wedding Dress Saga

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Well, today, I found a dress.

It’s lovely. It needs no alterations. It fits like a glove with no need to purchase special undergarments.

It’s $507.18.

God, I want it.

Here’s to hoping I can get the money together or find another, better dress.

Houston* We have a Problem

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

My wedding dress is missing.

Oh no. ohnoohnoohnoohnoohnoohnoohno

My aunt very kindly made it for me and shipped it out to me two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS AGO!

It’s not here, and we aren’t totally sure where it is.

This is not good.

I’m actually not freaking out that much currently. On Saturday I am going to hope over to David’s Bridal and see what I can find and figure out if I can pay for it.

And hopefully my handmade, lovely dress will show up.

*erm, Huntsville would be more fitting

I have a lot to say… but I’m going to talk about shoes.

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

I’m being terrible at updating right now. It’s not for lack of stuff to write about; I have plenty of that. I have invites to recap, I have the crazy-ness of planning while being 4 states away, money/budget problems… I have plenty of fodder. I’m just not feeling it currently, which is kind of sad.

Anyhow, I want red shoes. I’m not really sure why. I haven’t seen the completed dress or anything else. I’m not sure where my veil is. Or my hair piece. I don’t have any of the jewelry I want to wear. I just have the shoes I bought.

These, actually:

But, I want red shoes.

Like these

red shoes
or these. I really like these.

Sadly, I cannot afford said shoes. They’re $50 and I have no coupons or anything. But, if I did… oh, if I did. I would totally buy them. :)

The dress.

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


Oh dear…

This is lovely. And that color is fabulous.

I wish I had found this before I told my bridal brigade to pick their own dresses.


From: JCrew


Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

..we’re in July. I have about 7 weeks until I leave for Nebraska. 8 until I begin classes. 142 days until the wedding. Phew.

This week has been busy with purchases from Etsy making their way to my house. I often wonder what the mailman thinks of these packages. I received my bridesmaids gifts, and I am so pleased with them. Really, I am pleased with everything I’ve received, but I am really excited to gives these out. Sadly, you do not get to have photos as I am trying to keep them under wraps from now. You’ll see them in about 160 days, have no fear. :)

I also received the shoes that I was considering using for the wedding. While they are adorable, I just don’t think that they are what I am going for. So, I headed over to DSW and looked for a pair. This wonderful young lady helped me try on shoes, and didn’t laugh too hard when I almost busted my butt in front of her by tripping. Despite that, I found them!



Try to tell me those aren’t cute! And they are perfect for my dress, trust me, I checked. ;-)

Finally, my veil came in today! And it is just as perfect as I thought it would be. Would you like to see?

P1070762 P1070755 P1070761


See, you can see the facisnator and the veil. That, too, looks great with my dress. I checked.

If you’re wondering, I am planning on wearing my glasses for the wedding. I feel naked with out them, and am not a fan of contacts, though I own them. So, glasses it is.

Trying it all on today felt so good, and so real. I just twirled in front of our mirror and smiled. Despite everything else, I will be marrying the man of my dreams, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I would also like to tell everyone how much I have spent on my wedding ensemble.

Fabric for dress: $117.29
Veil and fascinator: $50.00
Shoes: $43.25
Wrap: $15.80
Total: $226.34

I am so proud of that. I really am. I had set aside $300.00 for the dress, only, so to spend $230 for all of it makes me happy. Now, I will say that I am very lucky that my aunt is creating the dress for me, so I won’t be paying for labor, and that is a huge help. However, I think that I deserve every right to be proud of how little we spent on this. :) :)

Now, I am off to pack for the weekend. I am meeting Chet’s father’s family… and I’m a little nervous. Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and gets to celebrate the fourth however they want!!