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Worse Wedding Blogger of All Time

Monday, August 10th, 2009

So…as you have all surely noticed I am the worse wedding blogger of all time. I usually have a couple of blog ideas each week, but never actually get around to writing them. Not that you guys miss anything; Nicole usually scoops my story within minutes. Of which I am appreciative of!

Just sayin’

One of these mornings/You're going to rise up singing

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Summer is in full swing, and I am still a good for nothing non-blogger. Although as you can see I have taken the time to redesign the site, and despite Jessica’s cynicism it is complete BEFORE our wedding day! The redesign has been a very long time coming. It started with a vision approximately 3 months ago. I spent a questionable amount of time trying to locate an image that would fit my idea, but after many hours with my dear friends Google Images and Stock.xchng I gave up. It didn’t help that we were just getting into the roughest part of last semester’s course work.

The second design idea came down to what’s best described as a Seuss-esque design with a tree that resembled Pinocchio after a particularly rough lieing streak.  It came together quite nicely, and was almost done when I came to the realization that I couldn’t design a navigation system that looked good with it.

So I scrapped it.

I thought of this current design as I stood up from the couch and walked to the restroom. It was a genuine eureka moment. Alas here we are after a few modifications from the original design. On the front page you can note a XXX, that is where a countdown is going to live shortly. Except not one of those gaudy MySpace countdowns, one that just looks like text, but is still dynamic. I hope you all enjoy it, and many thanks go to Nathan over at Room122 for his help in the final polishing up.

To round out this post I want to express my excitement about Nicole being home. She spent most of June out of Texas, and about 10 days of it out of the country. While I know she enjoyed getting away, and had a great time. I’m very glad to have her back home.

Last thing, promise, I chose new ties for the groomsmen and myself with Nicole. The originals just weren’t working for us anymore. You can see them on Nicole’s blog from today, she even included links to the maker!

Kudos if you can tell me what song this blog title is from.


Friday, May 1st, 2009

I don’t think Nicole knows how much I appreciate her. I’m rather slothful when it comes to wedding planning, leaving a rather cumbersome burden upon her. However, I need her to know that I do care, I just don’t come up with the same ideas she does.

This I think is a combination of two things. I think in a world of functional aesthetics, and from my experiences so far wedding decorations almost never serve a function beyond looking pretty.

Pretty is not a negative aspect, it’s just not my specialty. Nicole has mentioned to me before that I often just agree with any idea she throws at me, and that’s really because I like all of them. Not because I’m lazy and don’t care.

In short my love, I do love you, and I do appreciate everything you’re doing for this wedding!

Love, Chetimus

Apologies Abound

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Earlier tonight Nicole said something to me about not blogging since January. I replied with the fact that I have been de-spamming the blogs, to make sure our visitors are not bombarded with trash. To which she curtly responded with, “If you’re patrolling the Web site, why is there 4 pages of spam in the guestbook.” Shame me.

I would like to apologize to all of our friends who had graciously went to our guestbook, cheerily hoping to leave a kind message of hope and happiness, only to find that robots have invaded and decided that you all should check out their awesome sites. Honestly I’m embarrassed that any of you were requested to view a site where you could see “she-males cumming”. Some people have no respect of decency for others any more.

I am currently working on a way to better protect the website. Maybe I will actually figure out how to make a CAPTCHA work. Until I find a solution I have programmed the guestbook to send an email my way anytime a comment is made on the guestbook so that I may delete it.

Again…apologies abound.

First Day

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

While I’ve been working on this project for almost a month and a half now, it has finally come full circle. After much hardwork, and hours of staring at PHP, HTML, and JavaScript, I have completed our wedding masterpiece. I’m very proud of this layout, and how well everything has been implemented.

Please have a look around, and sign the Guestbook too! I’m pretty proud of it, because I hand coded it myself. I will admit that I followed a tutorial, but I still did it myself!

More will come as our engagement continues.