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RSVP 2011

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Apocalypse Now!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Let the clouds open, and the fire rain down, because I have finally taken the initiative to help Nicole with our wedding in a productive manner. The invitations are set to go out in September, and since we’re leaving for Nebraska soon, we’re scrambling to get all the addresses together and on the envelopes.
This is where I came in and helped.(I know it’s still pretty difficult to wrap one’s head around.) I labeled envelopes with sticky notes, filled in some addresses, counted things, and punched out 150 little hearts. The hearts are pretty impressive to have been done by hand I believe.
Nicole will probably have pictures of all of these great things. I do not.
This is a short post, but I wanted to share the fact that I actually did something. Please celebrate with us.

I’m graduating from SHSU on Saturday. This will be interesting.

The Honeymooners!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Yesterday, Nicole purchased a map of the US. She says it was only $4.99, and we needed one. Oh Really? Apparently she’s correct, and was a couple steps ahead of me as per usual. She purchased the map so that we could plan our honeymoon. Speaking of which, do you know where the term honeymoon comes from?
Traditionally the honeymoon represented a gift to the groom from the father of the bride. The bride’s father would supply the groom with delicious Meade to drink everyday for an entire moon cycle. Since Meade is traditionally derived from honey we’ve been given the word honeymoon.
Moving on from the history lesson! Currently our honeymoon plans are a cross country drive from Huntsville, back to Lincoln. Along the way we will be stopping at Bed and Breakfasts at several different cities. We’d prefer to drive no more than 3 hours each day, and that sounds great to me.
We’re making these plans because we’d like to have a honeymoon after our wedding, even if it is something simple and relaxed like this. However we’re considering saving some money up for a more extensive honeymoon in the near future. One of our top honeymoon ideas is to take trains from San Diego up to British Columbia. I’ve never taken a train, and we both love the West Coast, although I’ve never been out of Southern California. We’ve also discussed trying to figure out how to get to the Mediterranean. Imagine all of the delicious foods that Rome and Greece have to offer.
What do you guys think of our honeymoon ideas? Of course I’ll write again when we have a more solid plan than this. Maybe I will even talk about which B&Bs we plan on using.