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Productive Day

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Chet and I are in Austin for our Easter holiday. And, today was a very productive day!

– Set up one of our registries
– Designed invitations
– Picked a bridal shower date
– Picked a lingerie/bachelorette party date

More details later… :)

Happy Easter!

To Do List April

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Yesterday, I was bored. I was in a class and I was bored to tears, so I started making lists, which never really is a good thing for me.

Anyway, there is a blog I read (go figure) called A Practical Wedding. She did a couple of posts on her Wedding Blackout Stage and Lists. Now, Meg is pretty close to her wedding. I think there is some genuine reason to freak-out.

We are T minus 232 days away from ours — should I be freaking out? No.

Do I? Yes.

So, to my list. Which eventually just became damn questions about this, that and the other.

  • Invitation ideas : should we do sparrows? ampersands? argh! And then who should design it, because I am not about to drop $3400 on invitations, thank you.
  • Wedding dress fabric? Coat fabric? Did anyone know there were so many options? We’re making my dress *I hope* and it’s super cute, but now I have to make these decisions…
  • pillbox hat with veil. love it. Does my grandmother have one hidden somewhere? Will I need to buy one? How much will that cost? Is it difficult to attach a veil/netting?
  • name change? don’t even get me started.
  • find Chet’s perfect gift. No easy task, mind you
  • Get in touch with our catering people. Yeah right.
  • Bridesmaids? Maid of Honor? What the hell am I going to do? {Please note, there is a back story here, but one that I feel is not appropriate for the Internet as I don’t want to seem rude, hateful, fill in the blank. I also don’t want to hurt the person involved, so I am moving on thankyouverymuch. }
  • are we doing favors? are we doing a send off? This might have been solved though thanks to this blog.
  • should i get a second pair of shoes? you know, i love the heels I bought, but they are awfully high, and I am awfully clumsy. And I am a bad dancer. This seems to be a bad combo.
  • How about someone to you know, actually marry us?
  • Twogether? Are we gonna do it?
  • What about premarital counseling?
  • honeymoon?!!?
  • Rooms? for, you know, the guests.

Ah. Take a deep breath.

It doesn’t help that I am waiting to make my final decision on UNL. They accepted me {squeal!!} but I need to find out about funding, which is so nerve racking…

However, I am going to do a dance, because Iowa just legalized same-sex marriage. We are on our way to equality for all. Can I get an amen?!

Venue Search

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

So, as I said before, we have found our venue!! Yay!

But, Chet is a much better storyteller, and as such, I told him to write up our adventure. So, being the amazing man that he is, he did it.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Take the time. Read them. It’ll be worth a few good laughs.

Next up will be about our final, choosen place!!


Friday, March 20th, 2009

Oh centerpieces.
Sometimes I truly loathe you.
Sometimes, I like you.

Back in December, my mom and I set off on journey to find sales at Micheal’s. While we were there we came across these lovelies:

They were on sale for $5 a piece. We bought 10. And, suddenly, my centerpiece journey began. We played with some ideas of what we wanted to do with them. We talked about lights with leaves spread around them (keep in my mind: November wedding).

And then, my world changed when I saw these:

via: Little Black Book Blog
Uh, yeah. These are perfect! One hundred percent perfect! So, I set out on my venture to make it work, because by golly it will.

I bought keys:

And crystals:

And, just for extra measure, we decided to make cranes:
*side story: we’re {and by we’re I mean my good friend} is making 1000 cranes for the wedding. they range in size from 6×6 paper to 3×3.

And then we did a test run:

This one, I’m not so sure about. Since the vases are kind of short and dumpy, making the flowers tall doesn’t seem aesthetically pleasing.

So, I cut them:
I like this much better. However, I’m afraid of where they will sit on the table. You know the old rule “better high or low than in eyesight”? Yeah. This is where I worry.

But, I do like the hanging stuff. And I love the crane in the flower. And I love the hanging cranes. It’s all adorable. Really, it is. My pictures just don’t do it justice.

Luckily, I have another, you know, 8 months to play. I told Chet that it’s such a shame he’ll have to start buying me flowers {with all the sarcasm in the world}.

One Down…

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

I was going to talk about our venue, which we have in fact decided upon and even put down a deposit. However, Chet is a much better story teller than I, and as such, I commissioned him to work on that. He’s has the first one done. You can read it here.

We ordered our Save the Dates. As you may remember, (or I may have not even said) we were going to e-mail them out. It was cost effective and really non-time consuming at all. And I was thrilled by this. So was Chet.


My parents were not. They argued that for their generation e-mail is not a communication means like it is for mine. E-mail is meant to be for informal or business use only. Not for something like a wedding. Alright…

We ordered postcards from Snapfish and they were slightly cost effective, will be time consuming, but you make concessions.
(click to enlarge)

So there they are. Our Save the Dates. How did they come about you ask? I’ll tell you! First, we love the photobooth idea. I’ve always thought that was a cool idea, even before it was cool to have (so we all say right?). Then we saw these great pictures:

here and here and here.

And we were in love. So, we put our own spin on it. And that’s what we got.

Quick funny story: We were ordering them and we were about order 150 so that we would have extras in case errors occurred. And then we were doing math and yadda yadda. And then I had a ‘duh’ moment. I was not about to mail out individual save the dates to every person who we were inviting… with that thought, I realized we were about to order about 60 more than we needed. Yup. I love my logic.