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Photos in Libraries

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Apparently, there is a new trend of having photos taken in libraries.

This amuses me to no end.

Mainly because most of our engagements were taken in the library on campus.


Just sayin’ — we’re a trendy couple. :)

Charles Darwin on Marriage

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

I read somewhere that Charles Darwin’s Reasons to Marry was used in a ceremony. I found that interesting and wanted to find what he had to say on it. Turns out, when he was considering marrying Emma, he formed two columns: a ‘To Marry’ column and a ‘Not to Marry Column’.

Below is what he said.

Under the title “This is the Question,” Darwin wrote in the “Marry” Column:

Children — (if it Please God) — Constant companion, (& friend in old age) who will feel interested in one, — object to be beloved & played with. — —better than a dog anyhow. — Home, & someone to take care of house — Charms of music & female chit-chat. — These things good for one’s health. — Forced to visit & receive relations but terrible loss of time. —

W My God, it is intolerable to think of spending ones whole life, like a neuter bee, working, working, & nothing after all. — No, no won’t do. — Imagine living all one’s day solitarily in smoky dirty London House. — Only picture to yourself a nice soft wife on a sofa with good fire, & books & music perhaps — Compare this vision with the dingy reality of Grt. Marlbro’ St.

… and in the “Not Marry” column:

No children, (no second life), no one to care for one in old age.— What is the use of working ‘in’ without sympathy from near & dear friends—who are near & dear friends to the old, except relatives

Freedom to go where one liked — choice of Society & little of it. — Conversation of clever men at clubs — Not forced to visit relatives, & to bend in every trifle. — to have the expense & anxiety of children — perhaps quarelling — Loss of time. — cannot read in the Evenings — fatness & idleness — Anxiety & responsibility — less money for books &c — if many children forced to gain one’s bread. — (But then it is very bad for ones health to work too much)

Perhaps my wife wont like London; then the sentence is banishment & degradation into indolent, idle fool —

He concluded that he should marry, and wrote:

Marry – Marry – Marry Q.E.D.

I found it fairly interesting. What do you think?

My Inspiration Board

Monday, September 21st, 2009

In exactly two months*, I will be Mrs. Something or Other (I’m not sure about this whole name things). So, in honor of this once-in-a-lifetime, momentous occasion, I decided to share with you some pictures that keep me sane during the wedding planning. These are also photos that are kind of an inspiration board to me, of what I want to be like on my wedding day.

Just wait, you’ll see why.

via: Academy Bedlam’s Knottie Page

A classic pose, one of which I’m sure will happens lots.

via: MakeLoveReal

This groom, is totally sticking his tongue out at his bride. Are you kidding me? This is uh-mazing. I would laugh my head off, and it would be so real for us.

via: A Practical Wedding

via: A Practical Wedding’s Inspiration Board

via: Melissa Rudick

via: MakeLoveReal

Chet and I have talked about this. One (or both) of us will cry. I will probably bawl if my dad tears up.

via: Putting the R in Mrs.

via: {frolic!}

via: I’m not sure. I’ll find it again, eventually.

via: A Practical Wedding

Doesn’t she just look amazing? So happy, and … fill in the blank. It’s awesome.

via: A Practical Wedding

Their abandon is fabulous. I want it.

I’m having a hard time caring about the little things at this point. Okay, that’s a blatant lie. However, rationally, I know that no wedding is perfect. And it is absolutely crazy, CRAZY!, for me to expect it to be. Come the day of, I will just be glad to be married to my love. And that is something that I cannot wait for.

*We may not be marrying. Chet just told me he’s never seen Karate Kid. Ugh.


Monday, August 31st, 2009

Despite no one really understanding it, Chet and I love ampersands. Don’t ask us why because you won’t receive an answer that you consider satisfactory.

Please just accept that we’re odd, and we love them. We love them so much that I have on tattooed behind my ear:

and Chet has one on his chest:

So anyway, I found these fabulous designs through Google images:

I’m loving these ampersands. Maybe when I go to have my tattoo touched up, I’ll switch it up some? I really like the first one and the last one.

Anyway, what led me to looking at ampersands was that one of my maids of honor (I’ll tell you about that later) left this image on my facebook.

Found here

See, she adores balloons. She loves making balloon animals and such. And we’ve talked about balloons in some form or fashion at the wedding… and this would be perfect. It won’t happen, and you can see why in the video on the website, but it is a lovely thought. :)

Bridezillas and Cake

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

They just don’t mix.

For example, there is a show on TLC called Cake Boss. I happened to stumble across it while working the other day, and lo and behold, one of the pieces to it was about a wedding cake.

And a bridezilla.

Now, I have been called a bridezilla. And, after seeing this, I call BS.. I am not a bridezilla.

Back to the story: this bride and her mother walk into the shop. The bride is surly looking and the mother is as giddy as can be. All the bride can do is sit there and pout and tell the guy that she wants a black cake with calla lilies — in her words “funeral”.

Buddy, the baker, tells them that he will make a cake that is 4 tiered, ivory, with draping and calla lilies.

The above was his creation. And boy was he proud of it. Though it’s not my style, I can appreciate the cake. It seems as if it took a long time to create and everything.

Well, Bridezilla comes into the bakery the day before the wedding because she wants to see the cake. He obliges.

She walks in and tells him how horrible it was. That it was dull with no color and just terrible. I mean, it was bad — she was horrid to him. He walks out to go take care of something else going on in the bakery, leaving her alone with the cake.

We all know where this is going, don’t we?

Well, she turns around to grab all the pretty colored icings and goes to town on this cake. You can see the result above.

Talk about going ballistic. Carlo was not pleased and kicked her ungrateful butt out of that bakery. Now, please remember that this was the night before her wedding day. He calls the mom, who was a good friend of the bakery, and tells her what happens. You can hear the mom on the other end crying and apologizing etc. She begs him to create another a cake saying she’ll pay him for both as well as the over time for the bakery, whatever it took.

He gave in! He said he would do it because he wanted “to be the better man”.

And boy did he create her a gorgeous cake! 5 tiered, with a quilted pattern and sugar flowers placed onto it.

Now, the show leads you to believe that she wouldn’t look at it and was just a total b**ch about all of it. The mother loved it.I don’t know what she is like in real life. I have no idea if it was scripted or whatever. All I know is that she looked like a tool on national television.

Oh, and I am not a bridezilla.

You can see photos from the wedding here.