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The dress.

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


Oh dear…

This is lovely. And that color is fabulous.

I wish I had found this before I told my bridal brigade to pick their own dresses.


From: JCrew

Hi… my name is Nicole

Friday, May 8th, 2009

…and I have a dress problem*

See, it all started when I saw this image from Julie Ke and Jonny’s wedding:

Tell me, is this not beautiful? I fell in love with her dress… and then I saw the bridesmaids dresses.

All pictures can be found here (including pictures of her gorgeous wedding!)

Okay, seriously. Aren’t these gorgeous? I love them. But there are two issues:
1.) I do not have bridesmaids that I can tell to purchase these dresses thank-you-very-much
2.) I can’t find them anywhere! Seriously. I have looked and looked and looked. Which is what has created my problem.

So, I thought that I would share with you pictures of dresses I like and would probably order my ‘maids to where, if I had had formal ones.


This is nothing like the ones above, but it’s still purrrty.

Now we’re talking. Isn’t this and this gorgeous?And all for less than $100!


This one is my favorite. I would love to have all of my girls dressed in it…
(all dresses [and more!] can be found at: Nordstroms)

See, here’s my problem with telling my girls that they have to wear certain things. One reason is because I can’t justify asking my wonderful college friends to spend about $100 on a dress they may or may not wear again. The second is because I don’t know if they will be hanging out with us during the ceremony. And if they aren’t.. well, why tell them they have to wear something?

But, my inner control freak is screaming “tell them what to wear! you must be in control! this is not right!!” But, I tell her to shut up, drink a martini and let go.

Because in the end, Chet and I will be married, and that is what really matters.

(Sidenote: I am telling them to all wear black cocktail dresses though. hehe. My justification is the fact that they can choose something that they , and as a bonus, they will wear it again.)

*please note: as a counselor to be, I am not mocking any type of AA, NA or Al-Anon traditions.

Marry us, Please?!

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You, too? Thought I was the only one.”
–C.S. Lewis

So! Chet and I now have someone to marry us — which is really good, obviously. But, as with everything there is a great story behind this. However, we’re not going to make it privy to the internet world. :) But, if you ask us, we’ll tell you!!

Instead, I am going to tell you a bit about our history with Sam, the wonderful man who will be presiding over our ceremony.

Chet and I first found Sam over the internet. It was summer 2007… this is sounding terribly cheesy already. Anyway, we were trying to find a church, and I happened upon one that also did podcasts of their sermons. Thus, we found Sam. When we finally made our way to the church in person, we hit it off with him. He and Chet share a common love of music, even if I have no idea what’s going on.

We met with him yesterday, and the meeting was golden. He is totally what we want in an officiant. We walked into his office, sat down, and he says, “So, any ideas on how you want to do this ceremony?”

Chet and I just looked at each other and smiled. We showed him the ceremony we have created. Sam looked at it and said that he loved it. He told us that the most important thing about a wedding is that it represents us.

We asked him if we needed to add scriptures or if there was anything that he wanted to see from it. He said that it was all up to us. He did say he would like to say a prayer over our life, but ultimately what matters is us.

We were also concerned about premarital counseling. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to do it, we just didn’t know where we would make the time. We have a lot going on this summer and our officiant being based 3 hours from us did not make it convenient for us to go through counseling with him. But, we knew we would do what we had to. Toward the end of the meeting, we asked if there was anything that we needed to do, specifically imagining the counseling. You know what he said?

“I’m not a marriage counselor, and I don’t pretend to be”.

Love it! He preceeded to give us some advice from his own life, and that was it. The meeting last about 30 minutes and it was wonderful.

I’m so glad we have decided to go with Sam. His spirit is much like mine and Chet’s, and I think that it is going to be marvelous.

207 days.

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

I got some good marriage advice yesterday while chatting with Ms. Judy.

I actually got a lot, but I really liked this tidbit:

When you have those moments that you can’t stand the other person, and it’s all you can do to just be in the room with them… just smile. Smile and think about the fact that you choose to be with this person. Smile and remind yourself that times like these come and go. Smile, because you love them and you don’t know how long you will get to be with them.

I love it. I think it is so terribly important through this wedding planning process, to remember that I love Chet. And that this is just a wedding.

It is just a wedding.

No matter the fights, the headaches, the joys or the sorrow, this is just a wedding.

The marriage is what we should focus on.


Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Our amazing friends, Krystle and Lee are getting married today!

They are such wonderful people and Chet and I couldn’t be happier that they are tying the knot!

They’re doing the Vegas wedding (which I am jealous of on my not so good days). It’s going to be streamed on the interweb, so we’re gonna sit down and watch it at 4:45.

Then, in May, they’re having their reception outside of Austin.

Congratulations you two!!!! :)


They’re officialy married! I hope that I look as beautiful as Krystle did on my wedding day. Gorgeous!