Venue Wars II: Bella…Monica's Place!

Last we left our heroes they were in the midst of battle with multiple venue queens. They had escaped the Balcones Country Club and were quickly flying up IH-35 to Round Rock, TX where the next venue was to be faced, Belle Notte on Main. Although it was a quite pleasurable place, it had too much of an out of the box feeling for our couple.

They met with one of their head coordinators, Monica. A tour of the building allows the couple to see that the “chapel” is a rather drab and horrendously brown, or maybe taupe, room. The room is only separated from the reception room by a series of curtains that are the same awful color. Okay so I’m going to take over narrating for now, and give the talking head a rest. Monica said that the curtains are meant to keep people from knowing what’s going on in the other room, but honestly I’d rather have the curtains open. The nicely constructed glass doors are there, which would allow some natural light in.

Bella Notte had two reception rooms, or technically one and a half since the other room was still under construction as we walked through. The first room was very, white. It seemed very plain to me with nothing interesting about its architecture. Granted the room was at one time a rather large storefront, but now they need to do something with it other than white paint and Roman-esque columns. The second room was themed in an entirely different manner. It had very high ceilings, and ornate ceiling tiles. The tiles are usually reserved for palaces or museums I think. I believe Colie and I both enjoyed this room much more than the other. The dark wood fixtures in the room, rather than the stark white of the other, really influenced our decisions.

As the day progressed and we lost the ability to pronounce Bella Notte, we began referring to it as Monica’s Place. This is what I imagine Monica from Friends would have called her restaurant. Moving on. Bella Notte is one of those super American all-in-one packages where they take all of the planning out of the planning of your wedding. They have food, music, a chapel, ball rooms, flowers, tables, cakes, booze-less bar, and a planner. Honestly its largest downfall came from the fact that they do everything, oh and we found the chapel to be horrendously ugly. Not to mention that their lowest priced packages began at above our budget.

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