Venue Wars: Deep Space Country Club

In a time not so long ago, in a city not very far away, three people set forth on a journey that would change the face of the Chet and Nicole Matrimonial Extravaganza forever. Our heroes traveled to three prospective points of matrimonial bliss; Balcones Country Club, Bella Notte on Main and Arbor Pointe Event Center. These are the tales of their adventures.

Balcones Country Club

The adventure begins with Nicole, Nicole’s mom, Carol, and myself blasting through North Austin in the Star Ship Kia. Our first destination was programmed for our arrival at approximately 10 a.m. We docked the car and stormed the front door of the Balcones Club House.

Balcones is the club and course that resides in Nicole’s parents’ neighborhood. It’s a well kept green spot, with a fairly large club house. Recently the club has come under the oversight of a new management company, and the club members are still waiting to see what changes may come.

15th Green
They have a nice set-up, simple ballroom area, a very large dance floor and plenty of room for the amount of people we’d like to invite. However there isn’t a specific area set aside for a ceremony, the best ceremony place they have to offer is part of their “Fountain” package which includes use of the club and a ceremony set-up on the 15th Green. This green is beautiful, and would be awesome, except we’re to be wed in November. As everyone knows meteorologists have had as much luck predicting November weather in Texas as the past fundamentalists have had in predicting the end of days. So that cancels out in plans to make our ceremony solely outdoors.

Centerpiece Example
The food options offered by the in house chef and team were pretty fantastic, not overly priced, but still a touch out of the price range we were looking for. The woman that we met with was very kind and informative. She was not pushy in any way. Honestly Erin seemed as though she actually enjoys her job, and would love to have us, but understands if we go somewhere else.

Unfortunately though, I had some preexisting issues with getting married at a country club. That kind of venue does not have the kind of connotation associated with it that I want our wedding to represent. The club house also had this distinct “retirement center” feeling when I walked inside. So for me that was one place down and two more to go.

Stay Tuned for Episode II

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