The Proverbial Tatooine

Much to Nicole’s disdain this blog thing has taken me an exorbitant amount of time to finish writing this story. Here I sit however, ready to pound out the end of our venue decision. In all seriousness though, the beginning of our story is the end.
It was a late evening in November, and Nicole and I had just returned from the theater, where we had watched Stranger Than Fiction. We took a walk around campus and ended up at Old Main Pit. I’d been planning for a while, but this night was finally the right one, the night I asked Nicole to go steady. After that day nearly 3 years ago, my life has always been an exciting one. I’m never lonely, and I see my best friend almost every day.
When we first began planning our wedding we discussed having it in Huntsville in Old Main Pit, but we were never quite serious about it. Then the wedding planning really started taking off, and the more we thought about it the more we really liked Austin Hall and the surrounding grounds. We usually get a lot of strange looks when we tell people about our venue, and an occasional scoff or something equally rude, but the location fits us.
Austin Hall is the oldest building on the SHSU campus, it has tons of history behind it, and you can read up on that at Building SHSU. It’s a very beautiful building, and that’s where we’re getting married.
I’ve included a couple of pictures here, but we have yet to find a floor plan of the place. I’ll hopefully get one soon enough to show off the space, but until then the pictures will have to suffice. The building has two floors, and we will host our ceremony and reception in the building. There’s plenty of room for ceremony guest, with lots of outside overflow available. When we start planning a reception where people will sit together and enjoy a nice meal the amount of people that fit in the building is quite limited. I don’t have fire marshal numbers or anything, but we’re working on that too. So far the wedding will allow us to have our wedding of less than 100 guests, but We’re not sure how we’re going to set the tables up to make room for more than 80 people.
While I know you’re probably thinking that we know more than 100 people, and have more than that you’d come to our wedding. The truth is you’re right. The even greater truth is, there’s just not room for every person we know. Our wedding has been limited to our closest friends and family members; it’s quite fun looking at how many people are in each of our families. I never truly realized how large mine was until I started listing names.
So there you have it folks, Austin Hall! We get to have our small, intimate wedding and plan everything ourselves. We’re enjoying the planning so far, minus a few glitches here and there, but all will work out in the end.

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