Winter Cometh

Nicole and I are both native Texans. If you’re unaware of Texas’ climate then here’s the crash course; Summer = HOT! Winter = Cold-ish. You see we both thought at one time that we knew what cold weather was. We knew that when the thermometer hit 32 it was time to bundle up and get prepared for a freeze. That was us last year, back when we thought snow was this mystery substance that occasionally made our clothes moist. However with our adventure into the White North we’ve learned that after a few days of single digit temperatures, a blistering 32 degrees is a godsend. I believe that Nicole is still in love with the glistening beauty of the snow, but frankly I’m tired of looking at it.

About a foot of snow on the ground.

About a foot of snow on the ground.

Furthermore, Nicole has finished her first semester as a Counseling Psychology Ph.D. candidate at UNL. She’s extremely excited, though a bit dazed by how fast the semester flew by, about turning in her final paper today. Everyone wish her well, we are going to celebrate this accomplishment later this week.

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  1. Charlotte Smith says:

    He speaks! Nice to hear from you. Hope you and Nicole have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.

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