Our First Christmas

As I’m sure you’ve garnered from Nicole’s writing, this was our first Christmas together. Ever. Throughout our courtship we always spent this holiday with our respective parents and other assorted relatives. However, this year, we were together in Nebraska. As strange as it was not being with our families, it was quite delightful to be with each other, blizzard outside or not. Due to said weather conditions we haven’t done much venturing out out into the world.

However, this holiday together starting our own traditions, and watching classic holiday movies (White Christmas & Christmas Vacation) and not so classic or holiday movie (Hudson Hawk & Twister), continues to remind me why I married this woman. In a nutshell, she’s awesome. In a slightly larger nutshell, she allows me to be long winded and eccentric, and plays video games with me through all hours of the nights.

As strange as it was, this was still a great Christmas. Can’t wait for New Years Eve.

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