Who Knew?

Have any of you ever tried to create a list of only your closest friends and family? The first task is to decide who exactly falls into that category. Which is a challenge within itself. I think I decided that my closest family would only include my parents, siblings, grandmother, aunts, uncles, and first cousins. A pretty reasonable response I think. When writing down who I consider to be my best friends, it was decided that if I couldn’t think of them without the use of Facebook, then we’re probably not close friends.

Throughout the creation of our guest list we realized that we had a lot of people in our lives that just weren’t going to make the cut. As hurtful as this may seem to some of them, it’s necessary for our budget and our goals. We’ve set an invitation list maximum that will allow us to keep our wedding to a very intimate affair.

I believe we’ve created a very nice rough list, and it will be refined in the next week. You all need to be looking out for save the dates soon! We will also have some online tools for you to help us out.

Thanks and Good Night!

By the way, it took me a little while, and a few different ideas, but I have finally coded a method into our guest book that will keep spambots at bay. Hopefully we will no longer have to worry about any dirty, smutty comments!

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