I don’t think Nicole knows how much I appreciate her. I’m rather slothful when it comes to wedding planning, leaving a rather cumbersome burden upon her. However, I need her to know that I do care, I just don’t come up with the same ideas she does.

This I think is a combination of two things. I think in a world of functional aesthetics, and from my experiences so far wedding decorations almost never serve a function beyond looking pretty.

Pretty is not a negative aspect, it’s just not my specialty. Nicole has mentioned to me before that I often just agree with any idea she throws at me, and that’s really because I like all of them. Not because I’m lazy and don’t care.

In short my love, I do love you, and I do appreciate everything you’re doing for this wedding!

Love, Chetimus

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  1. Jess says:

    just because you appreciate doesn’t mean you get to quit writing. put something new up!

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