Goals Revisited

The past week has taken our adventure in wedding planning down one of those dark and scary paths that the talking scarecrow swears is a short cut, we know we shouldn’t go down it, but we go merrily skipping through the brush anyway. This was the week where we not so much as stepped away from our goals, as much as blew them away when we cracked the sound barrier. If you’ve never had the pleasure of perusing our goals then please take a look at Nicole’s post Hellllooooo February!. Our wedding blew up from our intimate party of less than 100, to some two-day behemoth of a fiasco waiting to happen.
How did this happen you ask? It was a rather simple situation where we decided to share our guest list with Nicole’s parents, and see if they had any suggestions. I’d go on about this, but Nicole scooped me on that topic a couple hours ago, read about the list fiasco here.
Now we’ve talked about goals again, and we both agree that we should stick to our goals, and plan our wedding according to the rules we set forth in the beginning. I never thought that it would be so difficult to stay on our path, but it’s proven itself to be difficult. We’ll see how we do in the future.
Also, just saying and all, but I’m going to be better for Nicole from now on.

See you guys soon.

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