Secrets of the Budget Bride Cult

Nicole has diligently sought out some of the most creative people in the internet tube system©. These bloggers all have super neat ideas, and great budget tips, and on, and on, and on. It’s really a never ending buffet of information sharing, which is brilliantly what the internet is intended for. The budgeting beauties have raised some issues with me. There are a few things about them I don’t understand, but really these things will relate back to more paramount social issues that are completely scalable for any group category.
Firstly these women are all part of this indie-bride movement, and just with any independent movement there comes a set of standards that all “independent” entities are there upon meant to follow. Relate back to the film SLC Punk!. They’re all Anarchist and what have you, but they all have a set group with an equal amount of social protocol that they’re expected to adhere to. This has constantly boggled my mind. In the long run it causes amazing discourse and upset among individual brides and their wedding. Somewhere along the line these women are duped into believe that there is some set of rules that each and every wedding is meant to abide by. Quite frankly, I’m tired of the nonsense.
Between the dueling factors of friends and family in the whole shebang that is wedding planning, one cannot allow themselves to become entranced by the Bridal Cult. No one wedding is akin, and no wedding should be. Where’s the fun in that? It’s your wedding do what you want. (I assure you; I’m fully aware of how much more difficult this is to do, than to say.)
The second issue I have with this budgeting bogeys is the fact that all of them proclaim budgeting is the law of the land. They put of all these marvelous ideas about how to not spend a fortune, and how great their wedding is because they didn’t spend this much, or that much. This is all well and fine, until the decisive day arrives that these women tell their devoted blog readers that they will not in fact be releasing any details of their budgets. Are you kidding me? All this time you’ve spent espousing the magic of the budget, and then you’re not going to share. I call B.S.
I understand not wanting to give out these intimate details for privacy reasons, which any normal individual couple may cite. However the moment these brides began witnessing the power of money saving to the rest of their indie-bride masses, is exactly when they lost their rights to to fiscal privacy. So give it up beauties. By denying your readers this access you’ve all painted a lovely portrait for yourselves. You’ve either gone over budget, which is okay, it happens. Or you’ve not heeded any of your own advice and completely splurged on the Disney-Princess-dream-come-true wedding extravaganza.
In the grand scheme of life I realize that neither of these points hold any sort of importance. It’s just nice sometimes to share my feelings, and to see where everyone else stands.

PS: No one posted what the song was in the last blog title. Decidedly, that is lame.

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