Apologies Abound

Earlier tonight Nicole said something to me about not blogging since January. I replied with the fact that I have been de-spamming the blogs, to make sure our visitors are not bombarded with trash. To which she curtly responded with, “If you’re patrolling the Web site, why is there 4 pages of spam in the guestbook.” Shame me.

I would like to apologize to all of our friends who had graciously went to our guestbook, cheerily hoping to leave a kind message of hope and happiness, only to find that robots have invaded and decided that you all should check out their awesome sites. Honestly I’m embarrassed that any of you were requested to view a site where you could see “she-males cumming”. Some people have no respect of decency for others any more.

I am currently working on a way to better protect the website. Maybe I will actually figure out how to make a CAPTCHA work. Until I find a solution I have programmed the guestbook to send an email my way anytime a comment is made on the guestbook so that I may delete it.

Again…apologies abound.

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