Obligatory Invite Breakdown

So. Our invitations. They went out about a month ago, much to my amazement.

We used Budget Savvy Bride’s idea and turned it into our own, much like we’ve done with everything else.  While I don’t always agree with her ideology, she is super creative.

Anyhow, here is our finished product:


I am super proud of them. See those birds? Those are hand-stamped, by moi! As are those vines, but that was a bit easier. They were also cut and glued by hand by myself and my maid of honor, as well as Chet. Chet did the labels, see that thing in the back?

Man, that was hard work. But I think they ended up being worth it.

We started out on Thursday night rolling the RSVP’s. See those vines? That actually took about an hour to do for the 80 or so we did.



Then, on Friday, we started stamping birds.



This is the Darth Vader trick. It’s patented, taught to me by Charlotte.  See, when you color the birds red, you have to wipe off the feet and the beak and color them yellow. By that point, the red ink has dried a bit, so you must blow on it. That’s right. Blow on it. The heat from the air re-wets the ink and thus, you get to stamp them. By doing that, you get these adorable invites…



Tell me those aren’t adorable! If you don’t like them, well, don’t talk to me.



Now, onto the envelope wrappers. I wish I could remember where I found them, but I can’t currently. Shoulda bookmarked it. Anyhow, we ended up doing these becuase my wonderful friend Charlotte, who had volunteered to do calligraphy had something come up and she couldn’t do it. Well, I can’t do calligraphy, and neither can Chet. So, we opted to use our great stamp as well as my handwriting. It was a pain in the butt, however, it turned out lovely.

Charlotte also paid for the paper as well as the bird and vine stamps plus ink. That obviously was a huge cost reduction for us. In total, we paid for the stamps to mail out (and purchased them when they were only .42!).  We also bought the sticky paper for the envelopes and I paid to have them printed in the design center by my office.

Let me pause here: stamps. Sara, over at 2000DollarWedding at one point in time said that she was upset because they couldn’t afford photo stamps for their invitations. When I read that, I thought to myself “Are you crazy? That’s what you’re worried about?!” I was definitely quick to judge. Then, I had to send out our invitations. I had these beautiful things, gorgeous, really, and I had to put those ugly forever stamps on them. While they weren’t panther stamps, I still was not please, at all. It was kind of like the brown lace. However, this time, I couldn’t change it. It’s still driving me crazy.

Moving on….

Personally, while I think it was cheaper to do them myself it was a pain in the butt. Honestly, if I had to do it over again, I would set aside more money for sending the invites out to be printed. It would just be better. I am not a crafty lady, so this was just too much for me. Yes, they are adorable. No, I would never, ever, ever, do it again.

But then again, should something happen to me and Chet… I wouldn’t plan another wedding. Nope. Sure wouldn’t. But that’s for another post.

Envelope Mall for the RSVP envelopes and the mailing envelopes. We had originally intended on doing postcards, but the font was too small. Oh well.
Stampin’ Up! for the stamps and the paper.
For printing, cutting, and gluing, we used stuff around my parents house. My mom is a super crafty lady so she has lots of neat things.

Phew. That post is done.

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  2. Kushal says:


    I would love to show this to my friend who is getting married this summer. I was wondering if you could tell me about the final per unit cost of these things… thanks a bunch and congratulations once again! :)

  3. Kushal says:

    and yes, the invitations are indeed adorable. :)

  4. Nicole says:

    Hi Kushal! Thanks for dropping by, and I am so glad you like them!

    As I said in the post, a very dear friend of mine purchased the paper, stamps, and ink for us. She purchased it all from stampin’ up, a stamp company that’s like creative memories or party lite.

    Ultimately, I would venture to say they cost about .89 an invite. I hope that helps!

  5. Nicole says:

    These are adorable. So unique and personalized. I like your choice in color scheme. Never would have matched red and chocolate brown together. Well done. How long do you think this whole process took??

  6. Nicole says:

    Hi Nicole! Gosh, that was so long ago. We did them over the course of a Thursday night, and Saturday all day. The birds took the longest to do if I recall because they were more time consuming (having to wipe off the red and color in the feet). Once we got into the groove it went smoothly. All in all, I’d day about 8 hours, total. Thanks for stopping by!

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