When is it okay?

I have a question.

When is it okay to become a bridezilla? Is it ever?

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I feel like I have stayed incredibly up beat during the planning process. I’ve had two maids of honors step down, familial issues on both sides, a dress that disappeared then re-appeared only to not fit me at all, mailing issues, money issues and on top of all that I moved to Lincoln Nebraska and began a Doctoral program.

I have maintained a great attitude through it all. I really have, don’t judge me.

But now, now I feel like perhaps I should be a bridezilla.

Why? Because our pastor has recently called us to let us know that he can’t do our wedding.

Honestly, I feel bad for the guy. He’s taken over as a head pastor, and as such has stepped into a messy problem. And the church is telling him he can’t leave for a Saturday to do our wedding.

Have I mentioned that we are 12 days out? I didn’t? We are.

So, my question comes in because I feel like a doormat. I don’t know what else can go wrong. Well, I do, and it probably will go wrong. I suppose what I really don’t know is how to handle it anymore.

A friend of mine was just in a wedding the past weekend and she recounted to me the horror that this bride was. Ignoring birthdays, not providing enough food, being a jerk for the most part.

But her dress showed up. She didn’t have anyone step down. Her pastor was there.

I get that this is an incredibly irrational train of thought, but I would be lying to say it’s not there and present in my head.

So, would it be okay for me to fly off the handle yet?

Just as a side note, another friend of ours, in response to this newest conundrum said: “Why can’t you believe it? It is exactly the sort of thing that would happen to you guys.”

Touché my dear friend, touché.

2 Responses to “When is it okay?”

  1. Charlotte Smith says:

    Dear, dear Nicole and Chet,
    First and foremost, this is a celebration of your love for each other. It is not important that anyone is there but you and Chet. Focus on your friend, your confidant, your soulmate, your lifemate. Everything else is unimportant. How can I relieve some of this stress? What do you want to see happen and how can I make that happen for you. Be strong (I know both of you are!), and be calm (not so easy I know.) Celebrate each other and tell everyone else to take a flying leap! Me included, if necessary. Love to you both and look forward to seeing you both. (But if you decide to chuck it all and elope…Be Blessed!)Love, Charlotte

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks for linking to my blog! I think every bride should be entitled to one meltdown, but only one. Beyond that and people may have the right to call you a Bridezilla.

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