What about the kidlets?


I like kids. Chet likes kids. However, we had not intended on kids coming to the wedding. There a multiple reasons for this, some being that we’re having the whole shebang in a historic building with historic, expensive, breakable things. We also felt that it’s hard to have an intimate ceremony when kids are running around and being kids.

Hear that: they are just being kids! We just didn’t particularly want that at our wedding.

Well, we were over-ruled. And, that’s okay I suppose. This was one of those things that it was easier just to say bring the kids and we’ll get over it.

So, now I am trying to figure out how to keep the kidlets occupied.

One bride posted some great pictures and ideas:

1. Cover their tables in butcher paper so they can color on the table.
2. Coloring books (to be used with colored pencils – must not ruin your dress!)
3. Fun stickers
4. Pipe cleaners
5. Puzzles

via: landlocked bride

Minus the “must not ruin your dress” comment, these are some good ideas. And cheap, because that is really important to me currently.

Thoughts? Ideas?

2 Responses to “What about the kidlets?”

  1. Susan says:

    Good call on both allowing children *and* keeping them occupied – without going into a whole long story, in my own family such a ruling has been known to cause hard feelings that last for years.

    (Also, on the name thing – keeping your own is not only “one less thing to worry about”, it’s also a great way to tell when the salespeople are calling! (-: )

  2. Nicole says:

    Thanks Susan! I didn’t think about telling salespeople…! :)

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